8-3-03 - Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, ME

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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 20:58:20 -0700 From: eric tipton Subject: 8/3 From Phish.net: 08/03/03 - "IT" - Loring Commerce Centre - Limestone, Maine Set 1: Daniel (Saw the Stone), Saw It Again, Punch You in the Eye, Army of One, Chalkdust Torture, Wilson*, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove Set 2: Mellow Mood, Ghost** > Mist, Pebbles and Marbles, You Enjoy Myself > Chariots of Fire^, Loving Cup Set 3: 46 Days, Julius, Lizards, Secret Smile, Run Like an Antelope^^ Encore: Good Times Bad Times# * - Trey said something to the effect of: "Hey, Kevin, there's a post-able version of 'Wilson.' Ladies and gentlemen, the Shortest 'Wilson' Ever! I'd like to dedicated that to our archivist, Kevin Shapiro... And now: the longest 'Bittersweet Motel' ever - I'm kidding!" Then the crowd started an enormous chant for 'Fluffhead.' After conferring with the band, Trey said, "Mike says no" - and the band launched into 'Mike's Song'; ** - with massive glowstick war; ^ - Phish played the song in the background as the winners from the '100th Running of the First Annual Runaway Jim 5K' were brought up on stage and announced by Trey with photos on the video screen (the women's second-place finisher was actually Trey's neighbor "from right down the road" and the men's winner, from nearby Presque Isle, had a time of 15min for the 5k); ^^ - after the "downshift," Trey thanks the crew and the crowd; when the band returns to the song, they skip the "Rye rye rocco/Marco/Spike" lyrics section; # - with fireworks behind the stage during the close of the song; thanks to James Dean Young, Maria Valiente, and Andrew Saskin for corrections. The hours leading up to the first set for somewhat bittersweet for me. After having done the whole tour, I was thinking a lot about all the good times. Not only that but I knew I had to face going home to Denver and the awful drive that would be. But as always, once that first note hit my ea rs, it would all be gravy from there. Phish seems to have that effect on me! Daniel: I was taken aback a bit with this selection. After seeing it in PA I kind of thought it would just be a one time bustout kind of deal. But the band must have had so much fun with it then that they just could not help themselves but to play it again here in Maine. Cool by me, I love the middle part of it with all the scatting and whatnot. Very tight, could have been straight out of summer ?93. Sorta segue into > I Saw it Again: I have a love/hate relationship with this song. The intro kills me (in a good way), I really enjoy everything up until the chorus. At that point it just gets so freaking repetitive for me. I would love for them to re work this somehow. Standard version, nothing to crazy. PYITE: Nice! As soon as this started up I was thinking that hopefully Trey could redeem himself from the god awful version he had played at Deer Creek. Redeem himself is exactly what he did, solid. Army of One: I really enjoyed just standing back and watching Page belt this one out. It?s a pretty basic song, but to me; anything featuring Page is a very good thing. Nice little ditty. Chalkdust: Perfect tune to follow up that little, mellow interlude. At six minutes in it is very apparent that this version won?t be your average Chalkdust. Nice quiet band groove with all four members contributing equally. Trey gets to playing on a relatively dark theme in here. He uses a loop in there unlike any I have heard previously ? and then plays around it very nicely. The jam begins to get up a head of steam and at 10:35 ? 10:40 there is a slight tease of Izabella thrown in there by Trey (how killer would that have been if it would have actually been played?!). At just over 13 minutes the jam once again settles back down and I distinctly remember thinking that it would certainly segue into something. Alas it did not, but it did continue to funk away. I think the best way to describe this Chalkdust would have to be a very steady, whole band style groove. To those that think it?s the best Chalkdust ever, well you need to check yourself and throw in a copy of 7/10/99 ? That my friend?s is full on Phish hose right there. This was very good, don?t get me wrong but not the best ever, IMO. Wilson: Yeah, it was really short. Yet somehow managed to get botched, yargh. After this, the crowd went nuts with a Fluffhead chant. My tourmate Tony had gotten very close to the front and was shown on the big screen numerous times with Lee?s Fluffhead sign. This managed to rile up the majority of the 70,000 in attendance enough to get a sweet chant going. Trey confers with the rest of the band and then tells us that Mike says no. To this, Cactus was thoroughly booed. Incredibly amusing and something that I will never forget. I sure hope a DVD comes out of IT at some point and time, Tony will be made famous! Mike?s Song: Right on, bring it! This versions is straight ahead and rocking! Nothing too out of the ordinary but a very, very good Mike?s. Plenty to dance to and get your feet moving, that much was for sure. > Hydrogen: Beautiful! Simply beautiful. Weekapuag: Great Weekapuag! I have read a lot of reviews that place this in the standard category. While I will tell you that it certainly wasn?t epic, it was far better than standard. I thought the jamming was quite inspired and danced myself into a frenzy. Awesome! I was extremely happy with it. First set highlights: Chaldust and Mike?s Groove. The Mike?s Groove being nothing to mind blowing but very, very well played. Mellow Mood: Meh, why go mellow again? Played at a non festival show would be fine with me, but I wanted something out of the gate that would rock my socks off to start the second set. This definitely did not do that. At least it was really short, for that I can be happy. Ghost: Oh hell yes! I was so pleased to be hearing the opening notes to this, great placement ? should have opened the set actually but what are y ou going to do? Little did I know the visual spectacle that I was about to be involved in! From the get go in the jam segment, it was readily apparent to me that the band was very focused and ready to bring the heat unlike a lot that had been played the night before (don?t even get me started) or that which was to follow (46 Days). At just seven minutes in, you will some ferocious jamming and interplay between Trey and Page. The playing during this jam seemed to confirm to me why I go to the lengths I do when it comes to Phish. Moments like these make all the obstacles (traffic, no sleep, mud, etc) in your path seem like tiny speed bumps. At 12:30: here come the glowsticks! Holy eye candy Batman ? simply stunning. The band really seemed to feed off of this energy as did the fans. At 15.5 the jam is really getting ballistic and the Phish fire hose is in full effect. Gorgeous. For me, this jam defines what Phish is all about. I personally would put it in the top five ever, yes people; it is all that. By twenty minutes, the jam melts down and is clearly waiting to segue ? but into what? The next eleven minutes were extremely psychedelic, in perfect contrast to the shredding that had come before it. Turned yours truly into a space cadet but also made for some great dancing opportunities too! God that was a monster Ghost and easily the best jam of the festival > Mist: Absolutely seamless segue, wow! I was floored. Since seeing the debut on 7/3/99 from the front row in front of Page, I have adored this song. After that mindbending Ghost I needed a tune such as this and I loved every second of this one. ?I?m worn and bruised, but I am here at least.? You said it brother, never were lyrics more poignant for me. After seeing the whole tour, did that ever hit home. Pebbles and Marbles: Good placement! Nothing to crazy about this, well played ? it pretty much featured machine gun Trey shredding for the majority of it, good stuff! YEM: Woo hoo! No matter how many times I see this live, I will always love IT. The Mike funk after the tramps segment is especially deep. Those are some very thick bass lines right there. Following the funk, you will find Trey lighting it up pretty well. The boys really tear this one up ? I would not say it?s as good as the Camden version but it is pretty close. The drums and bass segment is pretty sick too, plenty of funky Mike going on led of course by Henrietta. Nice, solid YEM! > Chariots of Fire ? Chhh chhhhh chhhhh! Big ups to the winners in the Runaway Jim 5k. > Loving Cup ? Appropriate and predictable way to end up a great set, the best set of the festival. This Cup smokes through and through. Pure rage ? a ? hol!!!! Second set highlights: Ghost (WOW), YEM. 46 Days: I thought this was a rocking way to start off the last set of the festival. Of course I did not know it would turn into a 45 minute wank fest. At the time, I actually thought it was pretty cool. But looking back on it and giving it another listen, they could have kept it at a respectable length. With those 35 minutes they would have saved they could have played two extra big guns in place of the noise that 46 Days resulted in. An experiment, but a failed one at that. .02 Julius: After what had preceded it, I thought they could have done better than this. Yes, it was a relatively raging Julius but it was no 12/5/97! Lizards: Very cool, but should be played in the first or maybe second set. End of the third set? That is confusing to me. It feels tacked on. Secret Smile: WTF!!!!!!! Worst placement EVER!! Antelope: Nice Ice Ice Baby and It?s Ice tease in there! Yeah, they skipped the Rye Rye Rocco part but big deal, it did in fact smoke. Very nice ?lope I thought. Trey?s speech at the end was funny, talk much in public Trey? [wink.gif] Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul, you gotta!!!!!!!! Encore: Good Times Bad Times: Very poignant encore. It of course rocked out, but why could n?t they have played something besides a one song encore after all the crap we had to put up with to get onto the grounds? Driving in the steady downpour from ghetto town NJ, no sleep, mud, bullshit traffic, etc. This was my third Phish festival overall (Ball, Wheel, IT) and IT was definitely my least favorite of the three. There were some good points but a whole lotta bad points. Tipton ? o ? meter: 7.6 peace, et
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:48:55 -0700 (PDT) From: jeffrey spittel Subject: review 08/03/03 Words can not justify my appreciation and love for these four supremely talented musicians. Where else would you have rather been last weekend? I understand that the weekend included its share of headaches, but who cares? As I squinted into the distance at the illuminated tower from my comfortable tailgate early Sunday morning I knew I was exactly where I belonged. They are not only at the height of their musical powers, but they are also on a mission to surprise and astound us after so many years. Phish is like the jelly of the month club, Clark. They are the gift that keeps on giving all year 'round. There's no need for me to give you a song by song breakdown of the shows, IT (and the Went and the Wheel) was about showing the band enough love to drag ass to southern Canada and having them repay us all weekend. Big ups to the band for playing their asses off for us again. Texhaus
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 11:19:27 -0700 (PDT) From: justin littlefield Subject: Review of 8-3-03 My 53rd show, spread out since summer '94. All of the hassles of the weekend - the completely absurd traffic backup that erased my Friday, the confusion after parking about where to pitch a tent, the mud so sloppy at Saturday's show that my dancing position was locked into mudholes 5 inches deep, the portapotties with less-than-stellar maintenance - they all are just small inconveniences in my mind today. Just bumps in the road, because what happened Sunday will not be forgotten. The first set was fantastic - fun, jovial, tight, with a great Weekapaug to close it out. My 3 friends agreed with me that from an energy standpoint, it had a better feel than anything that took place Saturday. I can only speak for myself - what might be the musical experience of my life might be a directionless jam to the person next to me - but that 2nd set Sunday was everything that Phish means to me, musically. I don't know if I've seen a better set of music in person in my lifetime. The Mellow Mood opener was short and fun - I love the feel of it (vintage Marley). The Ghost merits full-blown reviews of its own. This Ghost, from start to finish, was IT. My memory of this entire weekend will be the Ghost. There was a 10-15 minute launch out of the composed section that I can't put words to. Mr. Charles Dirksen, please review this show for me, tell me you liked this Ghost, tell me it was hose unlike no other - come out of retirement for this one ; ) This Ghost was POWERFUL, all 4 musicians so tightly together weaving a masterpiece - building and building and building steam, charging ahead, beautiful and ultra-groovy and steadily layered by Trey with unbelievable guitar on top of the mesmerizing rhythm behind - I have to hear it again, I can't wait to hear it again. Time stood still, as glowsticks popped off the crowd. The band was on fire. The music was flexing, exploding in front of me, and there was nothing that would stop its momentum - nothing. I had chills for the majority of this Ghost jam. I was sucked in from the moment this set began to the moment it ended. From the catchy Mellow Mood, to the Ghost bomb that followed, the Pebbles and Marbles which was spectacular, the Mountains in the Mist which was perfect - not just a slow tune to catch your breath, but a beautiful and critical component of the set that fit perfectly - the Chariots of Fire with 5k awards, and the monster YEM - the set was unbelievable. I loved the YEM - I thought the jam was just ripping, just as groovy and thematic and tight as you could ever ask for. Was it Albany '95 good? Probably not, I need to hear it, but it sure was a phenomenal version. I've heard enough YEMs to know that Trey nailed this one in the bullseye. I gave everything I had to this set. The band had me from the moment it started, and I was just flat-out spent for the 3rd set. I can't review the 3rd without hearing it first. My recollection is that the 46 days was a little directionless at times, and the Julius shorter than I like - but I was pooped. Many shows go by in their entirety where I never fully lock-in, never really get that emotional rush that sends tingles down my spine and gets a somewhat stiff guy like myfelf to dance wildly out of control without inhibition. I thought Set II was *easily* the set of the weekend. I was absolutely drenched in sweat by the end of the YEM. I thought the Ghost was as hot as anything I've heard by the band in the 9 years I've been watching them. One final thought: these boys are clutch. With 70,000 fans out there, with many reasons to be disappointed from the stress of the weekend, all Phish does is come out and DELIVER. Boy did they ever. Talk to me Charlie. Whew. Justin Littlefield
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 17:34:30 -0700 (PDT) From: Matthew Gerber Subject: Review of 8-3-03 That show was worth the pain in my back caused by 24 hours of traffic, the pain in my back caused by intense-ever-sinking dancing, and bitching from the females that were along for the ride! The highlight is obviously the ghost/2nd set. I thought one of the coolest moments of that set (Aside from the raging glowstick war, during which a giant inflatable penis hit my head!) was during the bass and drums segment of the YEM. Trey handed mike the reigns, and he took over. Trey commenced to dance--not just the swaying, hippyish dance that most people do--but a real genuine-"Mike is kicking ass dance". Did anyone else see that? I was really close, so I"m not sure if it was on that screen. Speaking of the screen....That camera man was a horny toad, eh? I was cracking up at that girl with the "Not every thing in Kansas is flat" Shirt during the pre-show! Phish rules! I hope that fall comes soon!
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 15:37:43 -0700 (PDT) From: Brendan Opiekun Subject: review for 8/3/03 Limestone Yes IT was it.. The surprise tower show, the parade, the 5K race, the traffic, Sunk City, the mud, etc.. You can have all that. The only thing true phans really ever need to know about is the second set GHOST from the second night.. This was by far perhaps the single greatest phish jam EVER. I won't or can't go into details for you, but if you're a hardcore listener you'll have the tapes and try it out for yourself. It goes right up there with the 8/17/97 Bathtub Gin or the 4/3/98 Piper. It was so good my face fell off. Don't you EVER take this band for granted Brendan
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 18:37:15 -0400 From: Jon JB Brysh Subject: Review 8.3.03 Phish Lots of good things happened this past weekend, and lots of not-so-good things happened.  Our party drived from Akron, Ohio, up thru Boston, then up towards Limestone.  16 hours of driving time and we got to the Limestone area round 10 AM on Friday.  We didn't get to our camping area to set up camp until Saturday morning at 6 AM.  20 hours of traffic.........and we were at the front of the line. But we got in and got to the music.......     I:Daniel (Saw the Stone), Saw It Again, PYITE, Army of One, Chalkdust Torture, Wilson*, Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug After a pretty rockin' first day of IT, even without a lot of bigtime jams, we were expecting much more the second day and recieved. Daniel was a sweet opener and PYITE was a nice treat(half expected them to open a set this weekend with PYITE).  After Mike denied us Fluffhead, they went into Mike's Groove and nailed the whole thing.  There was some amazing playing from all of the Phab Phour this weekend, very tight.    II: : Mellow Mood, Ghost**, Mist, Pebbles and Marbles, You Enjoy Myself > Chariots of Fire^, Loving Cup Night rolled in and Chris got his chance to show us what he's made of and he sure did.  Lights were amazing this set as was the music.  Mellow Mood get everyone on their feet and dancing.  The glowstick war for Ghost was the biggest, raunchiest, brightest war I've ever seen.  The Ghost jam was long and rich.  Mist was a nice mellow downer to cool things off.  Pebbles and Marbles was probably my favorite jam of the weekend.  Everything was nailed and the lights were fab....extremely pumping version.  Things couldnt have gotten better, but they did with YEM and a sweet, wierd vocal jam at the end with trey laughing through parts of it.  Ended it all up with Loving Cup........I don't think a better song could have been chosen.....everyone was dancing and singing bout the "buzz".   III: 46 Days, Julius, Lizards, Secret Smile, Run Like an Antelope (E: Good Times Bad Times)   Interesting closing set by the looks of it.......but some huge jams.  46 Days was enormous and never ending. pushing 45 minutes.  They touched every corner of the jam spectrum proving once again that our boys are back and only gettin better. Julius was jammin as always and Lizards was a great treat.  Run Like an Antelope was a great set closer.  Also, GTBT couldnt have explained the weekend any better.   Thru all the mud n traffic.....this was defenitly worth my 150........but next year I am riding my 10-speed up.
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 22:00:54 +0000 From: runaway trey Subject: IT: Day 2 Holy shIT. Never in my life has my jaw dropped, but that all changed when I laid eyes upon the spectacular sight that was the bonus Tower Jam. Stumbling away in a bit of a trance, I was absolutely unable to fall asleep, and stayed awake until Day 2's set. Now, having left the previous night's performance somewhat disappointed, I was preparing myself for a night of absolute sensory overload. Boy, have I ever been so satisfied in my entire life. I'm strapped for time, so I'll cover my personal highlights. PYITE -- Nice, high energy jam. Rockin until the very end. Mike's Groove -- I couldn't have asked for anything more. After a hilarious denial to the Fluffhead request, just the first notes of the song sent me into a screaming fit. Absolute kickin version, raging on right through a seamless I am Hydrogen, into an extended, thumping Weekapaug. Mellow Mood -- They nailed it, segwaying into... Ghost -- My second prediction for the weekend, coming true in full force. Not only was it the most powerful version I've ever heard, the glowstick war had to be seen to be believed. However, I must note; guys, when Trey says Stop. Stop. I'm glad nobody got nailed in the head, but Page came damn close to getting clocked (why is it always Page taking the abuse?) Regardless, a spectacular performance. You Enjoy Myself -- NICE. A steady YEM, with a trampoline jam that has definitely gone down as the most classical Antelope -- My only gripe is that they totally missed the Rye Rye Rocco part. Otherwise a solid Antelope. And after the encore, a 5 minute explosion of fireworks behind the stage sent us off into the night, pondering what the boys could possibly have in store for us next. But I would have killed to hear a Sand. -Dylan
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 15:12:06 -0400 From: Mark Linnen Subject: Re: IT festival- both shows, 8/3/03 08/03/03, Sunday Set 1: Daniel (Saw the Stone), Saw It Again, Punch You in the Eye, Army of One, Chalkdust Torture, Wilson, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove After what I thought was a terrible show by festival standards the night before, I said that they'd have to earn my presence at the muddy venue that evening. Daniel and the opening notes to Saw It Again accomplished this. PYITE, a weirdly botched Wilson, and the Mike's Groove added to the justification for me being there; Army of One (boring) and Chalkdust (waaay too long- the jam went nowhere) did not. I saw a fat dude with a mullet wearing a t-shirt that said: I Beat Anorexia. Set 2: Mellow Mood, Ghost, Mist, Pebbles and Marbles, You Enjoy Myself > Chariots of Fire, Loving Cup By far the best set of the weekend. Highlights: - Ghost, to me, is a jam vehicle. I'm always, at the very least, satisfied with the jam that flows out of the funk of that song. This one blew me away- tight and thoughtful with at least 4 or 5 different compelling themes throughout. GET THE TAPE. The glowstick war that ensued had to be the best since the Hood one at Limestone in '98, if not better (I wasn't there- can't be sure). - Pebbles and Marbles- by far the best new song that they played all weekend. Tons of energy and they didn't jam it out for 40 minutes. - Chariots of Fire- the dude who won the Runaway Jim 5k ran it in 15:01- that, my friends, is BLAZING.. Set 3: 46 Days, Julius, Lizards, Secret Smile, Run Like an Antelope They shouldn't play 46 Days for more than 10 minutes- tops. They played it for 40. That and the horrid Secret Smile couldn't ruin this set though. Julius and Lizards (how they compensate for the lack of horns in these songs is beyond me- both sounded like they had 10 musicians up there playing 'em) brought down the house and the serviceable Antelope gave us one last reason to boogie. Encore: Good Times Bad Times# VERY impressive fireworks display. Retrospective: All of the old stuff sounded better than ever- the composed songs sounded leagues better than did pre-hiatus and they bring a ton of energy with them. Maybe they just weren't 'on' this weekend with respect to jams, but most of the jams didn't do anything for me at all. DWD, most of the 3rd set on Saturday, Chalkdust, and 46 Days were pretty pedestrian; only Ghost satisfied, but - OH MY GOD - did it ever satisfy. The new songs, for the most part, were terrible. The lyrics are all pretty cheesy and the music to these lyrics is boring as hell. I'm sort of glad I made this trip, but I'm never doing it again. But, I'd already decided this ahead of time. See all of you next time in a big city where the infrastructure of the USA was set up to support us in the first place.
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 18:06:35 EDT From: [email protected] Subject: Day 2 15th Show, sick ghost, Almost guaranteed a 2001 after the 46, but no. Ran into Mike in the lot and called for the Mound, which was the third time I''ve asked, but once again no. A little dissapointed in the crowd requesting fluffhead, have they not heard of mound. Oh Well solid weekend
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 11:50:21 -0400 From: Dominic F Perella Subject: Phish review A brief review for those of you out there wondering how Day 2 went. I'll just cover highlights. (68th show, first show in Feb. 1993, for those interested): I: Daniel (Saw the Stone), Saw It Again, PYITE, Army of One, Chalkdust Torture, Wilson*, Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug Nice to see Punch, but I've seen tighter versions. The real highlight here was the Mike's Groove. They got into a bass-heavy, lilting jam that made the Mike's Song a fun dance number, Trey nailed the Hydrogen, and the Weekapaug featured strong Trey-Page interaction that kept the jam moving. The Weekapaug was especially encouraging; it never fell into a rut like some pre-hiatus Weekapaugs I can think of. Had a smile on my face from beginning to end. II: : Mellow Mood, Ghost**, Mist, Pebbles and Marbles, You Enjoy Myself > Chariots of Fire^, Loving Cup This was a sick set, pretty much from beginning to end. The Ghost was well-played, heavy rock & roll Trey work throughout, and it featured the most enormous gowstick war I've ever seen. Just kept going & going. By the end the stage was littered with glowsticks, and Mike had taken to swinging his bass at them to fend them off. Whoever was running the video screens (Kuroda & Co.?) pulled a neat trick by going black & white with the exception of the glowsticks. Nice touch. Pebbles & Marbles was tight & raging -- it's gotten much stronger since I saw it on New Year's run. YEM was YEM -- beautifully played, had the crowd shouting and moving. The vocal jam was especially bizarre, and they kept the weirdness coming by playing Chariots of Fire throughout much of Trey's presentation of trophies for the winners of that morning's 5K race. They closed it with a roaring Loving Cup. Great placement. Not much more I could have asked out of this set. III: 46 Days, Julius, Lizards, Secret Smile, Run Like an Antelope (E: Good Times Bad Times) This may look like a mediocre set list for Set six of a two-day festival, but don't be fooled -- it was nasty as hell. The 46 Days went on and on and on -- and not in a bad way. Very dark, very exploratory. Everything I had heard about Phish getting more openly experimental this tour and not trying to push jams down a predictable path was proved true on this one. Didn't time it, but had to have been 45+ minutes of nasty, spacey experimentation. Very cool. Can't wait to hear how it sounds on tape. Julius was fun, as always, Lizards was a treat, and Antelope was its typical intense self -- almost had a heart attack. Trey took a break before the "Run run run run" section and repeatedly thanked the crowd. He also made a hilarious comment about how good the band's caterer was -- and pulled a classy move by acknowledging the terrible traffic problem and promising to fix it for next year.   Finally, I had been hoping for a Hood or Tweezer encore, so I was a bit disappointed to hear GTBT start, but that faded quickly -- it was a dead-on, rocking version, and a very cool fireworks display (they set them off so low & close that fans in front of the soundboard were being pelted with debris from the explosions). Overall, I'd say the Day Two highlights were the Mike's Groove and the 46 Days (OK, and YEM -- that's always a highlight). A very strong show. I left more than satisfied.  -Dom
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 13:07:04 -0500 From: Brandon Kropp Subject: IT Night 2 Let me first comment on the "Tower of Power Jam" since technically it did happen on 8/3/03. I would have to say the best way to describe it would be worrying that it is Armageddon or something like that, and then remembering that it's only your favorite band playing. I am guessing that it was Chris who was doing the lights, but they were the most visually spectacular demonstration of visible light possible. The jam sounded kind of what a long drawn out out of hell or heaven tweezer would sound like. Mike and Trey were really the only one's that really sounded like they were playing their instruments. Trey scratching his guitar in a timely fashion and Mike working on those one note sonic bombs that make you remember how it was in your mother's womb. Page and Fish created the mood. Made me paranoid at first, had my spine tingling, also had some great danceable grooves more towards the end.  This was IT.
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 20:44:58 EDT From: [email protected] Subject: 8/3/03 Two Words: Religious Experience
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