7-19-03 - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

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Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 17:17:43 -0700 From: eric tipton Subject: Re: Phish 7/19/03 review 07/19/03 - Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, Wisconsin Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Reba^, Wilson, Scents & Subtle Sounds, Maze, Driver, NICU* > Ya Mar*, Rocky Top*, Lawn Boy, Julius Set 2: Piper > Rock and Roll > Seven Below > Prince Caspian, You Enjoy Myself Encore: Wading in the Velvet Sea ^ no whistling at end; * all three songs consecutively contained "Play it Leo!" What a day this was! I finally got some much needed sleep after night one and was juiced and ready to go for night two. I went into town and got my second oil change in nine days! The weather was just as good as the day before. Not too hot, not too cold and the humidity was bearable. Gotta love Wisconsin. We made it to lot quite early. Tony went on a walkabout as soon as we got there and met Mike out on his golfcart. He asked for a picture but was denied. This unfortunately would not be the last time on tour Tony would be denied by Mike! [wink.gif] I walked in around 7:15 w/ a great buzz and high expectations. They would be met and then some! First set: Sample: Good opener. Reba: You know it's going to be one hell of a night when the second tune they play is this gem. This Reba is damn fine, just another soaring version of this classic. I like it so much I would deem it "mid-90's" worthy, no joke either! Beautiful, thank you Phish! Wilson: Christ, they just rocked our socks off! Trey and Page both botch the lyrics at 2:34, funny stuff. People up front in the pavilion, how were your eardrums after this? Bleeding? It was loud as hell at the front of the lawn so I can only wonder. I can't remember a Wilson that rocked this hard - they are really feeling it tonight. Scents and Subtle Sounds - Great placement for the best of the newbies. Trey puts an awful lot of feeling into his solo, lovely. Maze: Wow. Just roaring! Another long Maze, but this o ne easily gets the nod over the one from the Gorge and the one from KS. The other two were too mellow for me, this one just plain goes off in your face. I imagine a few of the 35,000 in attendance lost their shit over this Maze! Driver: I will keep saying this over and over throughout this review, great placement! I know I needed a breather after that Maze. I really enjoy the lyrics to Driver. NICU: Back on those days when my life was a haze line got a big reaction from everyone! Play it Leo! Cool segue into > Yamar: "You've got a nice shiny Segueway" (hilarious!!!). Nice grooving Yamar, Play it Leo! Rocky Top: Something's afoot at the Circle K - Play it Leo! Ah the Leo Trio... old school comical Phish. Lawn Boy: Sweet! Nice crooning by the Chairman as he struts in front of his baby grand. Real nice Mike solo too. Julius: Holy mother of god this blew me away. Straight ripping take no prisoners (insert your favorite cliche here!). But seriously Trey climaxes this puppy like 3 times - just absolutely raging. Left me in a puddle on the ground at setbreak! Setbreak - First set highlights: Reba, Wilson, Maze, Julius. This set gives you so much bang for the buck! You want rocking Phish? Got that: Sample, Wilson, Maze, Julius. You want introspective? Got that: Scents and Driver. You goofy Phish? Got that: NICU, Yamar, Lawn Boy. Throw in a grooving Reba for the jam fans and we have covered all the bases! Second set: Piper: My goodness this goes to another planet and back. Unreal my friends. Outstanding Piper. 24 minutes of some very psychedelic Phish - very tasty. Seamless segue into > Rock and Roll: This Piper > R and R pairing was a repeat from Alpine '00. This one takes the cake because of the Piper alone. Both the Rock and Roll's ('00 and '03) were relatively short and standard. No complaints from me though, this is such and energizing song and at this point I am thinking this is Mr. McConnell's show! Awesome vocals Page. Another great s egue into > 7 Below: I figured this would make up the majority of the second set. Wrong. They kept it very short and sweet (maybe the shortest of the tour? Not sure, hint hint to the timer's out there!). Segue into > Caspian: Fuck, I knew the letdown was coming somewhere. Time for a smoke... YEM: Complete insanity. This YEM just is a groove machine throughout. Strange yet cool echo effect from 6:02 -> 6:05, never heard anything like it. I'm looking forward to hearing Camden again soon so I can compare these two. You can tell how in tune all four band members are w/ this version, just a pleasure to see and hear. Stunning way to end the Alpine run - stunning. No drums and bass on this one. Encore: Wading: You know what, I didn't give a flying fuck that they played this in the encore slot tonight. Know why? Because they played their collective balls off tonight and EARNED the right to play this. Not too mention the EMOTION that was put into this version. Completley clean Trey solo and nice chops by Page on the baby grand. I personally loved it and was a tad verklempt when it was through. Second set highlights: Piper>Rock and Roll>Seven Below (masterful seguing), YEM, Wading. Great show, Phish just feeds off the energy at this shed. It's a beautiful thing to behold and to take part in. I had an amazing time at this two night run. Again, much respect goes out to Joe Ringus who organized a group campsite for 45 of us at Mukwonago Park. Great job man, I will see you there next year. Expectations now are running full tilt w/ 3 nights of Mecca in front of us. Malcolm would be jumping off after this run to fly back home to LA so I was hoping he would get some serious throwdown action from the boys. He would in fact get just that! Tipton-o-meter for 7/19: 7.8. peace, et
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 20:13:59 -0500 From: Erik Pedersen Subject: 07-19-03 First off, a little background in needed... the last show I saw was 2/20/03 at the Allstate Arena, and I pretty much thought that would be my last show, unless it was in another town or venue. Go figure another Tweezer, most of the shows over the last couple of years in Chicago and Alpine they play Tweezer, I was getting a little sick of hearing it and knowing what the encore was going to be, it pretty much ruined the encore for me, no surprise. So then I see prices for Alpine, $42, HOLY CRAP, so I said to my show buddy, forget it, I'm skipping the summer tour. Well as the Alpine shows got closer and I started seeing the setlists, I thought, hell it's Alpine, I've been to Alpine every year since '96 (minus the hiatus), I really shouldn't miss it. So I thought, HEY, my nephew is getting into some of the jamband scene and his b-day is coming up, why not take him along to see his first concert ever. SO my plan has been hatched, I call my tour buddy, he's in, ask my nephew, he's in, pass on a bunch of Phish for him to hear, no he hasn't heard anything from them... I order some tix from ticketbastard... We are now going to the show.... Fast forward to the show, I am a little nervous seeing as I have my 14 year old nephew along, mostly because he's never been to an event like this, and I am just dreading the chance that the boys will play Tweezer again, if that happened I might have to forgo any Chicago/Alpine shows ever again! Well the boys just rip it up, the show was awesome, no need to go into details, those have been covered below. The boys have not only redeemed themselves to me, they did it so well that I want MORE, MORE, MORE!!! I wish I could manage 'IT' but I already have a trip planned So all in all the show was GREAT, and it was a stupendous christening for my nephew, whose b-day is today. Happy Birthday Colin from Uncle Erik, and welcome to the world of Phish....
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:06:14 -0500 From: Charles Landsman Subject: Alpine Valley 7-19-03 Review Although it seems like I am just pilling it on, this night of Alpine Valley was simply amazing! There have probably been better individual versions of the songs, and more special break-out nights; but I can think of no evening with Phish that was more consistently wonderful than last Saturday. I am a 9-5 guy, who tries to squeeze in as many long weekend vacations as I can to see these guys. The Alpine shows were 19 and 20 for me, and I can honestly say that musically I have seen none better (including the Went). I had to call in sick on Monday after the show because my legs were like jello after dancing my ass off for two special nights in Wisconsin. Great venue, best friends, and a special show. I feel downright greedy about heading to Maine next week after being fortunate enough to experience Alpine. If this is what the future holds for the boys, count me in! For the love of god people... go to Maine!!!
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 16:40:34 -0500 From: "Blue, Scott" Subject: 7-19-03 Alpine Magic Plenty of folks here have spelled it out.......this show was absolutley incredible.††† The Reba, Wilson, Rocky Top and Julius from the first set.....and oh, did I forget to mention, M A Z E ??!?!?!?!?!?!†† Holy shit, the first set was one of the best I've ever seen. The 2nd set?!?!?!† Forget about it.†† Unreal.......a huge, flowing, mammoth 2nd set............get the tapes, the shns, the downloads or what have you.... this show is an instant classic:) Thanks boys.........it's so very nice to have you back.......and on FIRE!!!! Peace
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 11:05:25 -0500 From: df Subject: Alpine The second night of Alpine was pure fire.† This is one of those shows that can fool you if you just look at the set list.† To some, the setlist looks like nothing rare or special was played.† But don't let it fool you, this show was jam-packed.† It seemed that Trey and Paige were battling it†out to see who†was on fire more that night.† The scene was good, the crowd was great.† Phish is on fire like the Dead were in '77.† The boys did it again.
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:45:19 -0500 From: Cindy Subject: 7-19-03 Alpine Valley T H A N K†† Y O U†† Trey, Mike, Page and Jon for two fun nights at Alpine Valley and for the INCREDIBLE show Saturday night ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 17:27:52 +0000 From: peter kane Subject: 7.19.03 review (long) Sample opened up, providing a feel much like Axilla did the night before, not a mind-blowing opener, but a good pick me up, reminding everyone that the show has begun. Next a good quality Reba with an excellent composed section. While I have heard more inspiring versions, I can^“t say that this wasn^“t played well. By the quality and tone of most of the jams this weekend, I would say that if you wanted heart-felt, melodic jams you would^“ve wanted to go to other shows. Perhaps the rest of the set^“s fiery offerings overshadowed this mellow tune, but I am sure that it will remain a ^”typically great^‘ rendition. No whistle, rather Duh-Duh, Duh-Duh. Holy smokes. Though there have been ^”heavy metal^‘ versions in the past, this is by far the heaviest, most intense Wilson I have ever heard. I was out on the lawn, compared with the pav the night before, and if was it was loud in there as it was on the 18th, there may have been some bleeding ears after this one. They ripped this up, leaving me shell-shocked with a pure shot of adrenaline. SSS has an interesting vocal arrangement that is pleasant in it^“s uniqueness and jams that had been so far well received. It didn^“t reach out and grab me like the Reba attempted to. Perhaps sensing this, or just feeling otherwise, they decided to rip shit up again. Maze, like Zero the night before, is an awesome song to see live. I don^“t know if Mike got past the halfway point of his fret-board all weekend, and he kept this Maze bumping. Trey and Page kept it livid. While I never got claustrophobic as I sometimes do during Maze, it raged long, loudly, and strangely nonetheless. It was becoming dark enough to catch the lights better, which are always helpful for a Maze. Driver was standard, followed by two songs that I always perceived as mutually exclusive. I am ambivalent towards both NICU and YaMar, and took this time to recharge the batteries, providing a nice jump start to my second set frame of mind. There was a nice ^”no good pa^‘ section in YaMar with a seemingly pleased Gordo (a common theme, I think, this happy Mike; he seemed quite pleased at the end of the show on the 18th). Best YaMar I have heard live. Rocky Top provided more fast-paced fare, and more Leo. A nice one for my wife and I as we have both lived in the Volunteer State. A particular salute will stick in my mind for a while. The best Lawn Boy I have ever heard, with Page very into it, placing an awesome chuckle after one of the lines. This one was put over the top by a simply excellent Mike solo, more akin to guitar tones, than the plunking notes he sometimes offers. Plus it seemed to go on for several more measures than usual. There^“s an old clichť that every Julius is better than the last. Clichťs exist because, more often than not, they^“re true. This one was pushed further and further with louder and louder peaks, similar in respect to the Bowie set closer the night before. Besides the cool downs, this set just raged. It wasn^“t exploratory or especially improvisational. It just rocked. At set break a first-timer/listener commented that he would classify Phish as Rock & Roll and that he was reminded of the VU. Prophetic? Perhaps. The brief smattering of rain was pleasant and fit well with the 2nd set. A friend commented that he has seen some good Piper^“s as it was starting up, but I can^“t see that any of us expected this one. While there were some spacey, loose moments in this version (and other jams this weekend), I was impressed by the fact that they the band never seemed lost, unsure, or directionless. The changes in directions were precise, sometimes freakily so (see Hood and the ^”second^‘ YEM jam for awesome examples). A ratcheted seg into R&R, but who cares (it^“s not like Tweezer>Sparkle from 11.23.97). A smooth, short jam (nothing that could rival 5.22.00) with a stunning seg into 7 Below. This song blew me away. I am really at a loss to explain it, just ^”get the tapes^‘. The tones are like nothing I have ever heard from this band and it (the experience itself) is awesome. This song could definitely anchor a set, providing a nice substitute for those I love best (Tweezer and Ghost, if I had to give an answer). The key work by Page was spectacular this weekend. Sharp, spooky notes coupled with remarkably clear piano work. I couldn^“t imagine the shows being this good without his apparently new-found flair. At one point in the second set, he floated these notes up the lawn that sounded as though someone was singing in a rich baritone, than wavering into an alto. Totally unexpected and boggling. The Caspian was nice, with a brief hint at a heavy jam. I think the prince is entering his adolescent years. YEM. One of the best I have ever heard and the best I have ever seen. One of my favorites is 7.30.97 and this one rivals it for sheer left-field sounds. The jam within a jam was spectacular and is truly must hear. Same friend said something to the effect of ^”are they going metal again?^‘ and all I could muster was, with a huge grin on my face, that I simply didn^“t care. I miss B&D, but it did not deter from the jam and I would only be an ass if I could criticize this one. Wading was nice after a two day set and was indeed heartfelt and sincere. Coupled with Bug and Roggae the night before and R&R, it was a wonderful catalyst for an alteration of perspective, allowing for a peaceful state of mind. An excellent counter to an often raging, frequently twisted weekend. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen, challenging the shows form the Went. Phish, based upon these shows, has been well-served by the hiatus and is back to destroy America once again. Peter Kane
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 22:43:25 EDT From: [email protected] Subject: 7/19 03 review Smoking show. The 2nd set I couldn't tell if they had the power in the jam to make it rain or hold it back, but a few drops made it through. That's what happens when you lay it down like they do. Where are you? The girl from on top of the hill. You got your YEM. I'll find you at Alpine next year. Finally got to hear a set with someone who understands for real, and didn' t get her name.
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 23:35:47 -0500 From: Jim Buelow Subject: 7/19/03 - Alpine Valley Let me start off by saying I was very impressed by the notorious Alpine Valley!† I had heard a lot of great things about the venue, but had never had the opportunity to visit until now.† This may sound like sarcasm, but it was easy in, easy out, no security hassle and the surrounding were completely rural but totally comforting.† Got to the show 2 hours early, met tons of people around where we parked.† Met Jonas from The Onion, who joined us for a couple beers/anecdotes from the previous evening's show (hope you find the missing golf cart!).† Frisbees where a tossin', stereos where a playin' and a rumor that Fishman was floating about on a go-cart of his own (not at all related to the disappearance of the aforementioned, I would hope).† Perfect weather, great vibe, grills going all over the place, Grateful Dead bootlegs blaring (even heard Sister Christian by Night Ranger.....interesting choice). After quickly scoring beers we stake our claim on a lawn-spot, right at Sample begins.† They closed their first set with Sample the last show I went to (Feb/03/Cincinnati), interesting opener but ripped none the less.† I thought the sound system†was incredible at the venue. The band was definitely on (none of that post-hiatus "the band's rusty" bully shit will be heard from me.† Their playing with a mix of the tripped out '95 stuff, with that†funky ass '97 feel to it, all blended up into one...and I love it.).† As it turned out, this would be one of the most fantastic shows I've ever witnessed.† Sample goes in and out as expected follow up by Reba.† Bad ass Reba, great solo by Trey, great transitions, all pistons are firing, clean as a whistle, then -boom- no whistles?† Trey lifts the neck of his guitar and the familiar opening thumps of Wilson - awesome.† Right out of left field.† I am besides myself with the opening 3 tunes.† Wilson - very good.† We were seriously excited at this point.† The energy was high, everyone was into the tune.† This was followed up by Scents and Subtle sounds, which I'd never heard before.† New tune, evidently, as I'd seen it on previous night's set lists from the tour.† This tune has serious potential, they played it like they'd been putting it out there for years.† Anyway - Maze absolutely tore the ass out of the place, couldn't believe it. Loved it, can't wait to have it on tape.† It only got better with Driver, NICU>Ya-Mar, Lawn Boy ( Paige out front serenading), Rocky Top (always pretty fun....), and a great ending with Julius.† We had just listened to Hoist in the car before the show, and had commented on how good it would be to hear that one.† It was a perfect ending to a remarkable set.† We were sweating our asses off, danced with my eyes closed for what had to have been 30-45 minutes.† † Out and back in time for the second set.† I love this place - I'm coming back.† If anyone has been to Tweeter Center, Alpine is the opposite.† Tweeter - the worst outdoor venue I've ever been to.† I digress..... † Well, set number two should be owned on tape/cd by every and any Phish fan out there.† I will never forget it.† It was non-stop, brilliant.† I think we all wish we could come up with and write down a set list for the boys to play.† This exceeded any expectations I may have had.† Piper blended perfect with the VU's "Rock and Roll"† (Love the version of Sweet Jane, but this does just fine, nice Paige vocals, tight), no break right into Seven Below, then an unbelievable Prince Caspian (still no stop....I think I saw a couple people pass out.). Then, as your wondering what could possibly be next - YEM.† Are they trying to kill someone?† I mean, it was just a ridiculous display.† No band should be this good..... † Closer - Velvet Sea.† I don't usually enjoy this tune to much myself.† It's alright, I get a little bit depressed by it sometimes and I really don't know why..... I think I've seen it as a closer before (Sept/00/Cinci/Riverbend?).† BUT!† To my surprise, great Trey solo and it was actually uplifting.† It was a perfect lullaby.† Just summed up the whole night; great surprises, absolutely flawless performance in my book.† I can't tour around and see every show, and I've been to 14 in total, but this was one of those shows where I came back to the camp site and just passed out on the spot!† I felt like I'd been worked....Can't wait to get this show on tape. † This was my first review, if you can't tell.† Hope to write more some time. † Jimmy B ([email protected])
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 21:03:19 -0700 (PDT) From: robin jannsen Subject: 7.19.03 - Alpine Bliss Well...let me just say this: INCREDIBLE SHOW!!!!!
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 18:26:41 -0700 From: Kevin Hanson Subject: Alpine 7/19/03 Review Phish Show: 04192003 Review By: Kevin Hanson † Another wonderful day and night at Alpine! I have finally recovered from the sickness that ensued last night. Before I begin the review of the 19th I would like to give a short breakdown of the previous night's show on the 18th to compare. I was located underneath the wooden canopy all night listening to excellent musicianship and thrilling thematic jams that permeated through most of set II and occasionally in set I. Though it can be argued that overall the show was a little disjointed as a result of the odd set placements of two new slower tracks. Though as I said in my review from yesterday it was still a great show and I am looking very much forward to hearing the tapes, specifically the Gin, Roggae (What's the Use? jam), Bowie (great hose near end), Disease->Catapult (Personal favorite), Twist(darkness), and an atypical Hood encore. So with that said I will get to the show that was as usual different from the previous night in many ways and edged out the first night due to the flow rather than musicianship. They were on both nights! The show began with a a nice sample that was no indication of what would be in store for the rest of the night. At the end of Sample I turn to my friend and said Reba, sure enough Reba begins. I should mention that I try to pick songs before hand, but generally scratch those when I begin to sense the mood of the band. The composed section of the Reba was flawless and fun and the jam stayed the Reba course and did indeed satisfy! I would argue that it was a little short and was not legendary like many of the 94-95 versions. I do not think that those were the best years of Phish, but more so just where the bulk of the great Reba's originated from. Why, I don't know? Okay, milliseconds after the final toms are hit in Reba we enter into Gamehenge. Though not a typical feel good, everything is pretty, birds are chirping Gamehenge. It was Wilson and the Wilson last night was infused with a Metallica-like riff, maybe something from Master of Puppets. The crowd was loving the Heavy Metal Wilson and it is indeed one of my favorites. After Wilson, the band played Scents and Subtle Sounds. Nice tune that I look forward to it's progression as a possible jam vehicle in future tours. The beginning of Maze had this cool bass effect by Mike. The rest of the song was energetic as usual and featured good builds and releases. Driver was next and gave us all a chance for a breather. NICU got the feet moving again and this was the beginning of the first Leo Trio, NICU>Ya Mar, Rocky Top. Ya mar had a nice jam in it and Rocky Top, well at this point you had a feeling that a Lawn Boy was up next as Page had been given a lot of attention the past three songs. On a humorous side note, a friend from Venezuela was seeing Phish for his first time and during Rocky Top he was encircling our group at a rapid pace pretending to ride a horse while yelling woo-hoo! Julius closed out the set and what a Julius it was! It challenged the status of favorite version of mine against the 10.24.95 Madison, WI version. I think Julius was the highlight of the first set for many, including me. Overall the set was very enjoyable with the reba>Metal Wilson, Maze, Leo Trio (They all sound great together), and of course the Julius. After a nice set break, featuring the music of a Venezuelan composer, the band arrives on to a dark stage. The lights begin to shine as Piper begins to build. The Piper as I remember was very experimental and I thought I could here this all night similar to my feeling about the Disease from the previous night. As the song begins to chill, Trey strums the beginning of Rock and Roll. A little shaky segue, but hey it's Rock and Roll and I was quite intrigued that they had played this same sequence of songs during set II of Alpine 2000, 7.8.00. I was a little disappointed with Alpine 2000's Rock and Roll because it did not get extended and stopped the flow of that set. This version in contrast went out there and was well received. The band locked into a groove and began the most perfect segue that I have heard live into Seven Below. I might be exaggerating a little, but it was unreal. Seven Below was really tight and the jam was very nice and it flowed back into the end of the tune smoothly. After the refrain the song quieted down and I believe this is where Page began playing some nice notes on the Piano and Trey began Caspian. It was a melodic transition. Caspian had great moments in and seemed to excel because of its placement. At the end of Caspian I felt YEM. I began thinking about one of the Copenhagen shows, 7.2.98, during Caspian. I knew that the next song we would get should end the set and what followed Caspian on that night, being YEM, would close out the set tonight. After I quickly mentioned this to my friend I could see Trey count off YEM on the video screens. The YEM was wonderful from the composed to nirvana to the two musical jams and of course the vocal jam. I think this is the best YEM I have ever seen, it felt great. There were no bass and drums. No big deal at all. I almost don't even expect it any more. Well, the encore, Wading, was what I needed. After being blasted with intensity in the second set, Velvet Sea gave me a chance to reflect on the night. It was also played with sincerity that made it more special to me. Well that is it for me this tour. I saw two amazing shows at Alpine and think the band is in top form. The jams are not jams I have heard before, they are new and different. Thank you Phish for a memorable weekend! Thanks Dan for your hard work.
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 06:59:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Matthew Gerber Subject: Alpine 7-19 Review I don't know about anyone else, I'll have to check Livephish.com to see, but wasn't that one of the longer YEM's in history? That ROCKED...I think Phish invented a new playing style JUST for Alpine. Both nights were domintated by Page. He was perfectly complimenting Trey, and he was playing chords rather than single notes. That† second set was one in which I couldn't stop dancing, to the annoyance of my fellow neighbors! And the first set was phenomenal as well. This is a must-attain show at all costs. Phish has officially started this tour now, and it's only going to get better. See you at IT!
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 16:44:38 EDT From: [email protected] Subject: 7-19-03 review of crazyness 07/19/03 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI Set I: Sample in a Jar, Reba, Wilson, Scents and Subtle Sounds, Maze, Driver, NICU> Ya Mar, Rocky Top, Lawn Boy, Julius Set II: Piper> Rock and Roll> Seven Below> Prince Caspian> You Enjoy Myself Encore: Wading in the Velvet Sea The night started off weird the lot sucked just as much as yesterday. I didn't really think that could ever happen. 1000 dollar fines for anyone selling anything. EVEN GRILLED CHEESE. I was so pissed cause yesterday i came on an empty stomach expecting to get multiple items to cure my hunger. food was around, but you had to make under the table deals. sketchy business so the lot sucked (and i heard it won't be much better in deercreek) but it was left behind with the forecast of a sick show in the future so the shittyness of the scene was discarded from my mind. SHOWTIME: i wanted something rocking like last nights Axilla. a Frankenstein i was thinking. i got a Sample - ok i don't not like this song its just that it was the song my sister used to seem to never get sick of. the overplaying got to me. but it was a good opener. better than the set closer right, Braun? (2-22-03, cinci) REBA - sickness. and i had it on my list. (me and my friend pick ten songs a show, a buck for every song we get). i had been in a major Reba mode for about the month leading up to the show. as soon as the chill hit and mike laid down his phatty groove, i was as sound as a pound. i had a feeling trey would bust it. it really was one of the top 5 Reba's i've ever heard up there with anything form '94 or '95. trey soured in the end, as usual. I would have loved it towards the end of the set, but it was at a perfect place to keep me going. Wilson - this song really gets the crowd going. rocked us all. the boys went off on some tangent in the middle before 'plat boom'. really got everyone pumped. Scents and Subtle Sounds - ok does anyone else think this pretty much is the hood jam? hey, any excuse trey gets to majestically noodle then climax in my face i'll welcome with open arms. i swear though i thought we were in the middle of a hood jam a couple times. but i really like this song a lot. my favorite of the new stuff. Maze - wow. didnt think id hear this cause Braun got it in Kansas. sickness though. this song really did blow the roof off the place. people we're going crazy. by far the best maze ive ever heard. trey wouldnt let the climaxing stop. he kept pulling out and coming back for more. the crowd was insane after this one. Driver - we needed something slow after that. a perfect ditty that ive loved since i heard it for the first time. not much to say though. NICU> ive always wanted to hear this. so much fun to bob around to. trey poking around playing with the tune. play it leo... page went nuts. Ya Mar - yessssss. i love this tune so much. i wanted the jamed out ending and it was a little short it seemed. but mike is king. another play it leo... thats two in a row. Rocky Top - hell yeah the third play it leo! this is now officially the 'play it leo show.' this song, no matter where in the set will get everyone bopping around like they're kids again. great to hear. now its time for page to shine... Lawnboy - for a second i thought page was going to stay behind his piano. but there he goes. he gets up and serenades us all. chose the low note for the last factory huuuuuuuuues. a little Michael Gordon on the bass solo. could that be the set? JULIUS - a highlight for me. ive been waiting for this one. my how it didnt let me down. THE most rocking Julius ive ever come close to hearing. the entire place was shitting themselves, dancing like fools. Trey was absolutely tearing it up. i was screaming at them to take a break. end it there. that was sick. overall, a set that made you cry (reba) made you think (scents, driver), made you happy (NICU, Rocky Top, Ya Mar) and a set that most importantly, rocked you off your ass (wison, maze, julius). i made my way to the bathrooms at setbreak, pissed because i figured id miss the opener cause of the huge lines, but as i made my way up the hill, i see the funniest thing ive ever seen in my life. A line of guys, all up and down the fence next to the bathroom, pissing everywhere. what made it great is that there was also line of security guards looking away and not saying anything. i had to join in the real line was absolutely ridiculous, and ill do anything to not miss the opener. Anything for the music... ††††† Piper -> i really love this song but occasionally i can get pretty out there. the best though was when i turned around and saw all the glowsticks making their way down from the lawn to the pavilion weak war though. they wouldnt let them in the venue so there were only a few hundred max. trey pulled it together in the end... Rock and Roll ->† i knew a cover was coming. heard this one before but i was so happy when i heard the first few notes. me and my buddy braun had talked at setbreak about this being the best show we've ever seen. we glanced at each other sort of assuring this was it... Seven Below -> what a great fricking segue. it was completely out of no where. all of he sudden ... trey hits and holds that note................ this song is growing on me. wasnt one of my favorites at first. now ive gotta put it near top 3 on round room. Prince Caspian -> this set is getting better and better. trey wailed inthis one too. i cant wait to hear the show again. its like the first set was the song set and this was the music set. a perfect mix. caspien rocked us all. didnt think it would be as good as it was live in person. something is waiting in the shadows though.... what that? YOU ENJOY MYSELF - yeah you're damn right i do. holy shit the place lost it's lid at the first few notes of this one. now i really wish i had a copy in front of me, but i swear this was absolutly the best piece of music ive ever heard live, hands down. the nirvana was exactly that. i had my emergency yem bowl pack ready and packed for it. i danced like snoopy... tramps got everyone screaming again. trey did an extra turn behind mikes back once. i thought it was rather halarious. showing him up? im not sure but there were pretty much two jam segments in this one. or so it seemed. i thought i was going to die when i heard the groove set though. i don't hearing repetative themes for a yem cause i love nothing more than to see how trey works around them and turns them into a rocking specticle of perfection. this jam absolutly smoked. it tore everyone up. no d&b though really. crazy vj as usual. i was waiting for trey to mumble 'play it leo' somewhere in there. didnt hear it though. sick yem though. easy B+/A-. All in all a tremendous show and easily the best one ive ever seen. an absolute work of art when it comes to musicianship and general sickness. my hat goes off to you boys... you did it again. thanks for a night i really will not ever forget. long live leo. my three cents. -mclen
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