5-27-03- Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY<

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Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 02:07:25 EDT From: [email protected] Subject: Trey 5/27/03 review Trey @ Hammerstein 5/27/03 review submitted 5/28/03 at 4:20 a.m.      I have seen Trey's band 7 times since the madness began. The Jones Beach show w/ Mike and the Utica show last year could possibly be two of my favorite shows of all time. So I have seen TAB at their best. I'll try to write up a simple review for this show as if I had no prior knowledge of how good or bad they can be.     First and foremost, the setting for a show most definetely can enhance or kill the mood. With that said, I had to stand through this show trying to keep myself from killing all these little (expletive deleted) who just dont know how to shut their damn mouths. I was surrounded by these morons who didnt even know there was a band playing (but of course they had their Phish shirts on). Now I am a very mild mannered, easy going, wouldn't hurt a fly kind of guy BUT NOT TONIGHT. The pinnacle was when Trey had everyone up to the front of the stage playing unmiked (I forgot which song) and we couldn't hear a damn thing because of the infestation of loud mouth (expletive deleted). I leave this topic with one last statement: To anyone who has the nerve to carry on a conversation on a cell phone during a quiet song while in my presence, you will end up digesting your phone. Have a nice day. And now, the show SET 1 1)MOZAMBIQUE - solid version and a good opener. It's the kind of tune that is nice to hear but if you're running a little late, you'll live 2)MONEY LOVE AND CHANGE - Great job. one of the better tunes of the night. excellent tempo changing and other TAB stuff we've grown to look for. 3)??????????- no idea whatsover what this was but I felt like I was on a cruise ship drinking margeritas 4)UNDERMINE? - new tune written with Tom. I thought it was so-so and would like to hear it again. I might have liked it a little more if I wasn't thinking of choking these two teeny boppers that were in front of me acting like people who needed to be choked. 5)MELINDA - typical version. nothing exciting to report 6)THE WAY I FEEL - I like this song and they played it well but the 1st set was seeming to lack the energy I had hoped for. 7)SULTANS - sick horns here. Great set closer. SET 2 1) NIGHT SPEAKS - Could it be? A set with some energy? This was a decent version with some pretty crazy parts but it also had some rustiness. I forgive them. 2) JIBBOO - Unfair to rate this one because I hate this song. It's too repetitive and very boring as far as I'm concerned. Hey, that's the way I feel. It also didn't help matters when I saw every little punk hopping up and down to it. 3)PLASMA - decent. 4)ETHER SUNDAY - good version but I would have liked it more if each horn player had their own solo. This was a short version. 5)SAND - this and Jibboo in the same set? What a nightmare for me. This is without a doubt my least favorite song ever. It never seems to end. I have no idea how Tony can play that same 3 note bass line for 20 minutes. What torture. But after a few minutes out comes Warren Haynes and lights it up with Trey. It got pretty nuts and I actually forgot that it was Sand after a while. Encore 1)CINNCINNATI - new tune, I think it was pretty good but I'll need to hear it again. Started off slow but it picked up and was pretty solid I may have left off some details but this is all my memory can provide at this late hour. Final grades: Show       C- Crowd      F+ Me          A+  (for not bodyslamming every stuck up little snob in the place)
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